Surgery ?! : Going under the knife is a big decision

For making informed healthcare decisions, we need information on every aspect of healthcare. We need an easy way to find and understand all about doctors, destinations, diagnosis, treatment offered and cost of care before making our choices. The information gap makes it challenging to understand healthcare and make our healthcare choices. The situation becomes more challenging when we are advised to undergo a major medical treatment like surgery.

Going under the knife is a big decision : Decision making becomes challenging since many questions remain unanswered – Do I really need a surgery? Is the diagnosis correct? What is the cost of surgery? Who is the right surgeon? Which is the right hospital? and the list goes on. There is no single source of information that can help us to find answers to our questions and hence in many cases we may have to rely on unreliable sources of information instead of directly getting opinions from qualified and experienced surgeons.

Getting appointments after appointments : Finding and reaching from multiple surgeons may be a time consuming, stressful and an expensive affair. Getting appointments after appointments and running from one hospital to another is not an easy task. Things become more complicated when we want opinions from those surgeons who are in another city or country. Today many of us travel to other city or country in search of advanced and affordable medical care. For us, finding and reaching surgeons or hospital in another location becomes even more challenging. Most of the times, we are not aware of surgeons or hospitals in a new location and without having proper information, it is not advisable to travel to any random location for medical treatment for surgery.

Online search for finding the surgeon : Usually, when we not have much information, we do online search, visits many different websites, share our personal and medical information several times with different unknown websites, get opinions and cost estimates from them and then makes a choice to visit a particular doctor/ hospital for medical treatment or surgery. If not an online search, we may ask recommendations from friends, relatives or office colleagues. Can we completely rely on such information and make informed healthcare decisions ? Many a times, we may not be sure.

Asking opinions from qualified surgeons : When in doubt, why not directly ask opinions from multiple qualified surgeons instead of relying on some random information or recommendations ? It is not just the information, in the process we would also know our options and that would help us to make informed choice. Finding and reaching multiple surgeons from different specialties, hospitals and locations has now become much easier. We can do this online and on one single platform, Hinfoways. Hinfoways is a global platform to find surgeons for our surgery. It is a platform where patients from different parts of the world can find surgeons from leading healthcare destinations, avail medical opinions from one or multiple surgeons, gather necessary information, make comparisons and then choose a surgeon for surgery.

Finding a surgeon on Hinfoways : At Hinfoways, we can share our medical details and reports with multiple surgeons from different hospitals and locations at one go. Hinfoways has partnered with the accredited hospitals with world class infrastructure across major healthcare destinations along with some of the very experienced and qualified surgeons in their respective therapeutic fields. We get a secured login and can share our medical information only once and the platform will facilitate to connect with multiple surgeons & hospitals with just one single click. On Hinfoways we can find, reach and get expert medical opinions from multiple surgeons from different hospitals and locations on a single secured platform. At Hinfoways, we can compare things and then make an informed choice. Hinfoways would be adding more and more surgeons and hospitals from some of the leading healthcare destinations in the world so that we can have as many options as possible. We can either have the surgery in our home country or travel elsewhere for surgery but by using a platform like Hinfoways we may know our options, avail information and compare things before making a choice.

In the long run, we believe that Hinfoways will address many challenges that we all face in making healthcare decisions. With Hinfoways, we can make informed healthcare decisions.

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Disclaimer: The content provided here is meant for general informational purposes only and hence SHOULD NOT be relied upon as a substitute for sound professional medical advice, care or evaluation by a qualified doctor/physician or other relevantly qualified healthcare provider.