For many of us, health and healthcare appear very complex to understand. Things become more difficult when it comes to navigating the system while availling healthcare services. We need information at every step in order to understand things but we find it very hard to get that information. Thus many of us find it very hard to make our healthcare decision. Out of the many gaps in healthcare, one of the biggest gaps is the Information gap.

  • Gap in Information and Communication
  • Gap in Healthcare Workforce
  • Gap in Healthcare Infrastructure
  • Gap in Care and Diagnosis
  • Gap in Access, Quality and Affordability
  • Apart from clinical expertise of the doctors or the healthcare providers, the outcome of any treatment or disease also depends on the appropriate and prompt decisions made by patients.
  • These decisions are dependent upon the information available to the patients.
  • Thus, the major determinant of poor healthcare outcome is lack of information.
  • Addressing the information gap will strengthen the health system and improve the quality of health care services. In the long run this will help in overcoming many other big healthcare problems.

At hinfoways we are working towards bridging the information gap because we firmly believe that by providing right information in a right way, we can help people to understand health, healthcare and availing healthcare and thereby help them to overcome many of its challenges to a great extent.

To achieve this, we at hinfoways, are creating lots and lots of valuable and easily understandable content and a platform so that the people around the world can access such content with their smartphones or computers connected to internet. We are going to make it very simple. This will empower people take more informed healthcare decisions.

Making right health information accessible to everyone will have a great impact in the long run. It will help us to overcome many of the health care challenges. Come let us join hands and be a part of a bigger vision of MAKING HEALTH INFORMATION ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE

Our Services

TREATMENT ASSISTANCE is a Medical Tourism website that promotes India as medical travel destination. As we all know that India is one of the leading healthcare destinations in the world that provides truly world-class medical care at an unbeatable cost, we help people and patients from different countries to make best out of it. We help them to travel and avail medical treatment at some of the leading hospitals in India.

HINFOSHARE is a content driven platform for doctors to share relevant health content with the patients in order to educate and empower them. The whole idea is to address the health information gap and help healthcare service providers to engage patients and help them to understand various aspects of care. Many of the big healthcare problems can be addressed if health information becomes accessible.

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