Treatment Assistance
TREATMENT ASSISTANCE is a Medical Tourism website that promotes India as medical travel destination. As we all know that India is one of the leading healthcare destinations in the world that provides truly world-class medical care at an unbeatable cost, we help people and patients from different countries to make best out of it. We help them to travel and avail medical treatment at some of the leading hospitals in India.
HINFOCARE is a platform that helps patients around the world to get medical opinion /second opinion from some of the leading healthcare providers. It helps patients to know their options and make more informed choices. This platform makes it easy for patients to get medical opinions and save time and money that they may otherwise spend going from one service provider to the other one.
HINFOSHARE is a content driven platform for doctors to share relevant health content with the patients in order to educate and empower them. The whole idea is to address the health information gap and help healthcare service providers to engage patients and help them to understand various aspects of care. Many of the big healthcare problems can be addressed if health information becomes accessible.

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