Cervical cauterization : Finding gynecologists for cervical cauterization procedure

Cervical Cauterization means cautery of the cervix. In order to really understand it we need to know what the cervix is and what cauterization is.


What do we know about the cervix ?
The cervix is the lower portion of the uterus (or the womb). It is also known as the uterine cervix.
The unborn baby or the fetus grows in the upper part or the body of the uterus. It is the cervix that connects the main body of the uterus to the vagina lower down.

There are two parts of the cervix. The portion of the cervix which is closest to the body of the uterus is the inner cervix or the endocervix. That part of the cervix next to the vagina is the outer cervix or the exocervix (or ectocervix).

The cells covering the endocervix are glandular cells (soft cells) and the cells covering the ectocervix are the squamous cells (hard cells). Both these lining cell types meet up at a zone known as the transformation zone.


So what is then cervical cauterization procedure and how does it work ?
Cervical Cauterization is a procedure wherein heat (or diathermy) is used for treating the cells on the neck of the cervix. This procedure causes delicate, easily broken cells to grow into newer, healthy and strong cells which are unlikely to result in discharge or irregular bleeding.


When is cervical cauterization procedure indicated ?

  • When there is vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse or disproportionate vaginal discharge.
  • If you have Cervical Ectropion (otherwise known as cervical erosion or cervical ectopy). This is a somewhat common condition that results when cells from within the cervical canal, also known as glandular cells start growing on the exterior surface of the cervix. If there is cervical ectropion, it can be noted by the doctor during a routine cervical screening test or Pap smear test at the cervical transformation zone. The area will appear unnaturally bright and red. Cervical ectropion can result from hormonal changes, pregnancy or usage of oral contraceptive pills. It is not a worrying condition, as it is not related to cervical cancer.


What are the benefits of cervical cauterization procedure ?
For most women, there is definitely an improvement of their symptoms following this procedure. However, there is a probability that the condition may recur due to the continued action of female sex hormones on your cervix.


What are the risks of cervical cauterization procedure ?
There are no major risks associated with the Cervical Cauterisation procedure.


So, how then is cervical cauterization procedure performed ?
You will be placed lying down in a similar position as that for a cervical Pap smear. This will ease out the procedure for you.

A ‘speculum’ will have to be placed to help the doctors see your cervix clearly. After administering a local anaesthetic, a heat probe will be applied to the area of the cervix which requires treatment. This procedure only needs a few minutes and is more or less well tolerated.

However, if it gets too uncomfortable, which happens rarely, sometimes general anaesthesia may be required. This will be then performed at a later date if general anaesthesia is required.
You should come prepared with sanitary pads.


What is the follow-up after a cervical cauterization procedure ?
Some vaginal bleeding and heavy discharge is to be expected post procedure. This may go on for around two weeks on and off.

Sexual Intercourse is to be avoided for about a week or till the bleeding and discharge has settled. Tampons are not to be used in this time. It is best to avoid strenuous exercise for two weeks.

You should avoid pregnancy as well until your first follow-up is completed and you get a normal smear result. It is advised to use a sheath (condom) until the treatment is completed.


How to find gynecologists for cervical cauterization procedure ?
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