Surgery : The challenges patients face in making informed decisions

When it comes to surgery, it is not just about affordability, quality and accessibility. Out of many challenges, the information gap is the biggest challenge patients face. By addressing the challenge of information gap, patients empowered to make informed choices. This would gradually have an impact on affordability, quality and accessibility. Undergoing a surgery is a very big decision.

When it comes to surgery, information gap is making it difficult for the patients to make informed choices : For most of the patients, the entire healthcare system looks too complicated to manage and navigate. This becomes more evident when it comes to making major healthcare decisions like undergoing a surgery. Before choosing any hospital or surgeon for surgery, patients have several questions in their mind.

What is the right treatment ?

  • Is the surgery really required ?
  • Is the diagnosis right ?
  • Can it be cured by medication ?
  • Is it minor or a major surgery ?
  • Is the surgery minimally Invasive or open surgery ?
  • Are there any conservative options in alternative medicine ?
  • Is hospitalization really required ? If yes then how long ?

What is the right cost of surgery ?

  • What is the cost of the surgery ?
  • Is it a one-time or recurring cost ?
  • What does the cost include or exclude ?
  • Are there any ways to reduce the cost?
  • Would the cost be cheaper in another hospital?
  • What will be my actual out-of-pocket costs?
  • Where can I get the best care for my money?
  • What if I can’t pay my hospital bills ?
  • If my doctor ordered this test or drug, does my insurance cover it? If not then why not?

Which is the right facility for surgery ?

  • Smaller or bigger facility ?
  • Older or newer facility ?
  • Single or multi-specialty ?
  • General or super specialty?

Who is the right person for surgery ?

  • Physician?
  • Specialist?
  • Surgeon?
  • Super Specialist?

Things get more challenging for those patients who travel abroad for surgery.

Which is the right country ?

  • Is the country safe to visit?
  • Is the country clean?
  • Is the country politically stable?
  • How far is it?
  • Does it have good flight connectivity?
  • Do I need a medical VISA?
  • Is it easier to get a medical VISA?
  • Would there be any long waiting queue for foreigners?
  • Can local travel and stay be expensive?
  • Do they accept foreign patients?

What should I check before making a choice ?

  • What are my options?
  • Do I really need to travel abroad for surgery?
  • What options are closer to my home?
  • What options are more affordable?
  • What options offer better quality?
  • What options offer overall better value in terms of care and money spent?
  • Do I have language barrier in destination country?
  • Do international patients really travel to the selected destination country?

What will be the quality of the surgery ?

  • Is the hospital accredited?
  • Are the surgeons skilled and experienced?
  • Is the hospital clean and hygienic?
  • Are the staff well trained?
  • Is the quality of medicines, and implants of international standards?

What would be the cost of surgery ?

  • Do I have more affordable and better options?
  • Does the cost include hotel and travel expenses?
  • Does the cost include post-treatment medicines?
  • Does the cost include my attendant’s food and stay during hospitalization?
  • Does the cost include implant charges?

When advised a surgery, patients randomly search for surgeons or hospitals in order to avail opinions, information, cost estimates, understand various medical aspects and choose a surgeon for their surgery. Patients repeatedly share personal and medical information with many different platforms, websites and people looking for their opinions or recommendations. It is a long, cumbersome and not so reliable process. Many a times they do not reach the surgeons or hospitals directly and hence they may not get right or complete information. In such a scenario, patients find it challenging to make independent and informed choice. Today, patients need an easier way to find surgeons and an access to authentic information before making an choice. They want to feel empowered to make their own choices rather than depending on one particular option provided by a surgeon or hospital or any other source.

Finding and choosing a surgeon on a healthcare platform like Hinfoways rather than on any general search platform : It is not about random search. Patients need a healthcare platform and not a search platform to find surgeons. Hinfoways is one single healthcare platform for patients to find, reach, avail opinions, compare and choose surgeons from different specialties, hospitals and destinations for their surgeries. It takes five simple steps to make a big decision of undergoing a surgery.

  1. Find Surgeons : Find surgeons from different hospitals, locations and destinations.
  2. Share Reports: Share medical information and reports with multiple surgeons.
  3. Get Opinions : Avail and compare medical opinions, cost estimates, profiles and other information.
  4. Make a choice : Choose a surgeon for your surgery.
  5. Stay connected: Get updates during hospitalization and follow-up with your surgeon even when you are back home.

Hinfoways is a healthcare platform to find surgeons and it provides options across various locations, countries and hospitals. Patients can view profiles of hospitals and surgeons and on a single click can send their medical information and reports to multiple surgeons based in different locations for medical opinions. Apart from medical opinions, patients can get information on treatment plan, cost estimates, details of technology available and technique of operating etc. The patient can also have the description of diagnosis, treatment plan, implant and medical terms mentioned by every single surgeon. Further patients can use the platform to compare the opinions and information to make an informed choice.

Hinfoways would be adding more and more surgeons from different locations and countries. It would be connecting patients and surgeons at many geographical locations. This would create more options for the patients. With information and options, patients would be empowered to make informed choices when a surgery is advised to them.

We at Hinfoways believe that by just working towards bridging the information gap and helping patients to know about the various available options, we can certainly address some of the major healthcare challenges in the long run.

Find and choose a surgeon for your surgrey on Hinfoways. Make an informed choice.

Disclaimer: The content provided here is meant for general informational purposes only and hence SHOULD NOT be relied upon as a substitute for sound professional medical advice, care or evaluation by a qualified doctor/physician or other relevantly qualified healthcare provider.